Thursday, September 9, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm: Vaccine Approval Vs. Authorization

Marla Ahlgrimm

By now, all know that the FDA has approved at least one vaccine for COVID-19. But, two others remain in Emergency Use Authorization stage. Marla Ahlgrimm answers questions about the difference below. 
Q: What is the difference between approval and authorization? 
Marla Ahlgrimm: In virtually all other situations, approval and authorization mean the same thing. When it comes to the FDA, however, Approval is a term that denotes that long-term studies have taken place on the medication or device in question and that it has been deemed safe for widespread use. Authorization means that the FDA believes that using an unapproved product, in this case, a vaccine, is safer than not using it. 

Monday, August 30, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm On Key Health Facts Important To Women

Marla Ahlgrimm

Men and women are very different when it comes to health, says Marla Ahlgrimm. Here, the retired pharmacist offers up a few key facts that women should keep in mind throughout their lifetime. 
Women live longer than men. 
There’s a good chance that you will outlive your same-age partner. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, nine out of 10 people in nursing homes are women. This is because women tend to live longer than their male counterparts. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, this also means that elderly women are also more at risk of social isolation. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm: Do You Know The Signs Of Cancer In Women?

Marla Ahlgrimm
Cancer is an awful disease that happens when the cells within the body grow abnormally, mutating into something that causes harm. Although both sexes are prone to many of the same cancers, there are some that are exclusive to women. But, as a woman, do you know signs of cancer specific to you? 
Skin cancer 
Both men and women can develop skin cancer, says Marla Ahlgrimm. However, due to the use of indoor tanning beds, it’s more common in women. Skin cancer may appear as a new mole or unexpected growth anywhere on the body. Skin may darken, or a woman may notice an existing mole change shape or color. 
Breast cancer 
As the second most common female-related cancer, women over the age of 40 should always be on the lookout for signs of breast cancer. Marla Ahlgrimm explains that these include a mass inside the breast, unusual swelling or heaviness, or a spontaneously-forming lesion. Some women with breast cancer also notice inverted nipples or unusual nipple discharge years after lactation. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm: Girls And Physical Maturity

Marla Ahlgrimm

Physical maturity is that age at which a girl reaches sexual maturity and has stopped growing. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, this takes place sometime after puberty, typically between 15 and 20 years old. Keep reading for a few quick questions and answers about the transition from girlhood to womanhood. 
Q: When do little girls stop growing? 
Marla Ahlgrimm: That’s different for every girl, but typically, a female will reach her adult height by the age of 15. Full physical maturity, however, may not take place until several years after menstruation begins. Once a girl reaches her height, her body will still begin to “fill out” with fat pockets around the thighs and breasts. 

Monday, July 12, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm: What Causes Menstrual Cramps?

Marla Ahlgrimm

As women, we are all intimately familiar with the side-effects of menstruation. One of these is menstrual cramps, the painful contractions that can leave us lingering in bed for a day or two at the onset of our period. But, what causes them? According to Marla Ahlgrimm, it’s hormones. 
Marla Ahlgrimm explains that the overproduction of prostaglandins, a hormone that tells the uterus it’s time to shed its lining, is most likely the culprit if you are experiencing menstrual cramps. Fortunately, these are short-lived, and often occur just a day or two before bleeding begins. 

Monday, June 28, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm | Swimming, Your Period, And You

Marla Ahlgrimm
Summer is here, and many young women are gearing up for some fun in the sun. But, Marla Ahlgrimm says that a common concern is swimming during the menstrual cycle. Is it possible? Keep reading for the answer. 
According to Marla Ahlgrimm, yes, you can swim when you are on your period. To answer the next most obvious question, no, it won’t attract sharks. 
Women who wish to swim on their periods should avoid pads and use tampons or a menstrual cup instead. This is because both of these feminine hygiene products stop blood before it exits the body. By contrast, a pad is excellent at absorbing blood, but it has to leave the vagina first. 

What is a menstrual cup? 
Marla Ahlgrimm explains that a menstrual cup is similar to a small silicone bowl inserted into a woman’s body. Unlike a tampon, which absorbs blood, a cup creates a seal inside of the cervix to catch and collect the monthly flow. Cups can be worn for up to 12 hours, making them a great option for those who plan to swim all day. 

Sunday, June 13, 2021

Marla Ahlgrimm | STD Signs You Should NEVER Ignore

Marla Ahlgrimm

Sexually-transmitted diseases are common among sexually active men and women. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, knowing the signs of a sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection is crucial to your overall health. Here are a few symptoms you should never ignore. 
For both genders 
Marla Ahlgrimm explains that both men and women should watch first and foremost for pain when urinating. Any unusual tingling, itching, burning, or soreness around the genitals is also cause for alarm. Spots, sores, and blisters around the vagina, penis, or anus should also be brought up to your primary health care provider. Something else to watch for is a black or white powdery substance in underwear, which might indicate the presence of pubic lice.