Monday, May 10, 2021

Women’s Health Brief With Marla Ahlgrimm: Yeast Infections

Marla Ahlgrimm

Yeast infections are no fun, a fact known by around 75% of women in the world. According to Marla Ahlgrimm, while yeast infection is not an STD, this bothersome condition can affect your sex life. 
Marla Ahlgrimm explains that a yeast infection is typified by vaginal discharge, rash, and soreness. Many women also experience irritation and itching. Sometimes, a burning sensation while urinating or during sexual intercourse is noticeable. 
Fortunately, there are very few complications associated with having a yeast infection. Marla Ahlgrimm notes, however, that you may need medical intervention if your yeast infection leads to swelling or sores. Further, women who are pregnant, have HIV, an immune disorder, or diabetes may also need immediate attention. 

For most women, a yeast infection can be taken care of with over-the-counter creams. Call your doctor to discuss your condition if you never experienced a yeast infection before or if you are not sure if you have a yeast infection or a more serious problem. 
What causes a yeast infection? 
Marla Ahlgrimm says that yeast infections are caused by an imbalance of bacteria. Yeast overgrowth can result from increased hormone levels, antibiotic use, diabetes, and simply exposure to certain types of bacteria. 
Marla Ahlgrimm
While you may not be able to prevent every instance of a yeast infection, Marla Ahlgrimm says that women can reduce their chances by getting rid of pantyhose and wearing cotton underwear. During the summer, Marla Ahlgrimm says to get out of your swimsuit within an hour and shower after exposure to a hot tub. 
Diagnosis and treatment 
While secretion testing is rarely needed, your doctor will take a medical history and perform a pelvic exam. Ahlgrimm explains that antifungal therapy may be prescribed. Currently, there are no alternative treatments for yeast infection, although very mild infections may go away on their own after a few days.